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Make Coco & Case Properties your first choice for a wide range of property management plans. Interested in the guaranteed rent scheme? Get in touch with Coco & Case.

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Whether you want us to manage one or all your properties, our range of property management services can be tailored to you and your situation. We are a very committed team, and you’ll have our full focus to fulfil your rental requirements. We cover everything from marketing your property and drawing up rental agreements to tenant referencing and property inventories. We'll even oversee property viewings and energy assessments.

Guaranteed Rent

What does guaranteed rent mean? Well, just what it says! We alleviate the stress that comes with skipped payments and mounting debts by guaranteeing that your rent is paid - every month and without fail. What's more, we'll perform regular checks to ensure the property is in a safe, compliant and liveable manner, and we'll return it to you in perfect condition once the rental period is over.

No hidden costs

You get paid even when the property is empty

No risk of tenant arrears or eviction costs

Maintenance and repair provided

We deal with issues and complaints

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Long and Short Term Lets

As your property management agency, it is our role to partner you with the perfect tenant for you.


Looking for long-term or short-term renters? Want tenants who you can rely upon to pay the rent on time and treat the property with respect? We'll do our bit to fully vet out potential tenants. In fact, we are experts in creating lasting relationships and keeping properties full for as long as you want.

Holiday Lets

If you own a holiday let you want high occupancy without the effort of marketing it yourself and having to manage the day to day. That’s where Coco & Case Properties come in. We can handle all the practical sides of owning a holiday home so you can just enjoy the profits. Contact us to discuss how our holiday let management service works.

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We are passionate about helping you find the best possible investment. There are countless properties of all shapes and sizes available on the London property market. Our team can help you laser focus on what you need from your investment, how long for and which type of property will help you to maximise your profits.

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3 Ender Street, Englewood

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4 North Street, Fairview

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Get in Touch

Are you looking for tenants in London? Look no further than Coco & Case Properties for property management services for landlords. Please note, we aim to reply to all email and form enquiries within 48 hours. If your request is urgent, please give us a call on the numbers below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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